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On this website you are going to discover how, from experts in cryptocurrency trading and various other financial products, we are obtaining interesting returns on our investments, whether they’d be in cryptocurrency or FIAT money.

This is why I want to invite you to look carefully at the content herein that I have prepared for you.

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¡IMPORTANT! B4U Trades is an investment business and as such carries a certain degree of risk. The returns mentioned are just examples and in no way guaranteed. Invest cautiously and with responsibility and do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Who are they?

B4U Trades is part of the B4U GROUP of companies, founded in 2017 in Malaysia. In addition to cryptocurrency trading, the Group is also active in other business areas such as transport, technology, real estate, cryptocurrency exchange, etc.

From this we can observe, that the B4U Group has an important business network that supports the investments of its users.

Additionally B4U continues to work on expanding and diversifying its business activities and investment areas, and always with the intention of minimizing the risks of its users’ investments.


B4U Trades allocates 60% of its investors' deposits to cryptocurrency trading and the remaining 40% is invested in other business areas such as transport, technology, real estate and other divisions that will be added to their portfolio.

In this way investors receive from 7% to 20% monthly returns on their deposits.

In addition, you can obtain additional returns by recommending other people to invest in B4U (this is only an option and not mandatory). You can see the possible commissions you can obtain outlined in the table of Investment Plans.


Below you can see the different investment plans available. Every plan or level can be obtained by own investment or by the volume invested by the people referred by you and their referrals up to 5 levels.


Personal investment $50 up to $699

or Structural investment : $4000


Personal investment $700

or Structural investment : $5000


Personal investment $3000

or Structural investment : $30000


Personal investment $10000

or Structural investment : $100000


Personal investment $30000

or Structural investment : $500000


Personal investment $50000

or Structural investment : $1000000

In addition, B4U makes it easy for us to invest since we can do it in cryptocurrencies or dollars using a credit or debit card.

Business presentation

In the following video you can see a business presentation and how you can obtain interesting returns and additional commissions by being part of B4U Trades.


My Sponsor ID is B4U00018413

Step 1: Registration

The registration process in B4U Trades is very simple. Follow the following instructions and press the next button.


My Sponsor ID is B4U00018413

Step 2: How to make a deposit

In this video you can see the process to load funds in dollars or cryptocurrencies to create your first portfolio.

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